Ode to Joy – Invitation to a large virtual choir

Ode to Joy – Invitation to a large virtual choir

Dear singer friends,

In our choir, our doyenne celebrates her ninetieth birthday ! A long time ago, she asked me that our choir sings for her the “European anthem” as her birthday present.

In this period of containment, it will not be possible unfortunately. However, the choirmasters recorded their voices in mp3 format and we successfully built a vocal quartet that her son, choirmaster himself, will offer her during the day.

Why not extend this project to all singers ! This is what the Choeur du Balory proposes.

You will find below the music scores and mp3 files for each voice, this will help you to provide the best voice accuracy and rhythm.

If you want to participate in this big virtual choir, please record your voice while listening to the equivalent mp3 using a headset. For example, you could listen to the mp3 using a headset connected to your computer while recording your voice using your smartphone.

Please send your recording to chefdechoeur@choeurdubalory.org and we will build together, day after day, the biggest virtual choir in Europe !

If you are from an other European country, record your voice in your own language, send me your music score, and we will create a virtual choir for your country !

Long live choir singing

Celebrate Life !

Warning, a few rules :

  • There are two “tics” (short music note, should not be sang) BEFORE the beginning of the song. This is to give the tempo for the recording
  • There is one “tic” BETWEEN the two verses. This is to give you time to breath.
  • The chorus rerun should be done on Line 1 for the first verse, on Line 2 for the second one.